Art of Weight Loss Has Moved!

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 I started the Art of Weight Loss officially about two years ago, and traffic has grown exponentially since then, getting feedback from people, learning about people wanted and what they needed.

For a few months now I’ve had a monkey on my back.

On one hand I wanted to provide an online resource that was highly specific, targeted and appropriate for people with weight loss ambitions and I will continue to do so.

The subject is actually near and dear to my heart, because the topic of obesity hits hard to home.

I’ve luckily never dealt with personal obesity, at my greatest weight I was about 190 lbs (I’m 6’1″) and 7% body fat, which doesn’t exactly inspire a lot of common ground between me and the people I work with regularly.

What most people don’t know is that my parents pushed me into a life of athletics and relatively healthy eating, in part I think due to their own situation.

They both may not like me saying this publicly but both of my parents would be considered overweight, my dad in particular, my mom manages it better and took it upon herself to instil good eating habits in her children, even if they were only based on the knowledge at the time — which was ‘whole carbohydrate’ intensive, and fat is bad for you but that’s a different story.

We for the most part, had very little sugar growing up, no trans-fat, very little saturated fat, did not eat much of anything deep-fried (to this day I still prefer a salad to french fries), no white bread, only whole grain cereals like cheerios, raisin bran, etc… and well you get the picture.

It’s become a big part of my mission to help others not have to deal with the concerns and worries I have for the health and specifically longevity of close loved ones.

On the other hand, I’ve spent my entire professional career up until this point learning about fitness, coaching others about fitness and how to get the results people are looking for in a way that doesn’t kill Peter to pay Paul.

I generally abhor the current quick-fix situation the majority of North American’s find themselves in when it comes to managing their weight and their health.

A situation that leaves us fatter than ever before, though potentially satisfied in the short-term with our aesthetic appearance at least.

I never want the people I work with to give up their long-term health and well-being for the short-lived thrill of having a six-pack.

I have no intention of stopping in this mission.

I think if I really put my head down I can build something remarkable in the fitness industry that could significantly reduce or reverse the current trend towards obesity (something I’m deeply concerned about) the World over.

In this journey, I’ve learned that there are several foundational elements that have to be in place for things like weight loss to occur.

  1. Understanding that skill development is the best long-term solution.
  2. Know that ‘change’ is needed and the majority of that change is psychological. Mindset is definitely the most important part of turning this situation around.
  3. Habits and ultimately our behaviors are the main contributing forces to weight gain, thus the most impactful way to lose weight (or any other kind of physical change objective) is to develop new habits and behaviors that contribute to that desired outcome.
  4. Change best occurs by doing one thing at a time (most people take on too much and that’s why they fail)
  5. You have to learn nutrition management skills, that suit your lifestyle, your expectations and your physiology.
  6. You have to learn ‘how’ to train, don’t just follow programs mindlessly that the fitness industry creates for you

Not really that many right?

Throughout my career, I’ve also helped people with athletic performance and weight gain, and a recent revelation has convinced me that these foundational elements transcend the specific outcomes, whether you seek weight loss, weight gain, a healthy lifestyle or improved performance the initial commonality of skills you need to learn is surprising.

If you learn these elements and learn them well, almost any physical change is possible and becomes far more easy to maintain.

As I’ve detailed here on the blog before, you have to meet yourself where you’re at and the overwhelming majority of people who need the most help with weight loss and their health are taking on exercise programs, and rigid diets that far exceed where their current level of skill is at.

This is why I’ve started the ambitious plan of developing the ‘Fitness Belts‘ as a way of identifying their current level of skill, and then providing a progressive approach to develop higher and higher levels of skill.

I’m not saying I’ve learned it all yet, but I have learned that in order for me to help more people I need to give more specific and useful content that addresses these foundational elements of fitness and it’s all boiled down to a new concept I’m calling:

Skill Based Fitness

In the weeks ahead, I will begin gradually transitioning most of the content you find on website to it’s new home there.

The Art of Weight Loss will continue to exist, but it will be turned into the main page for the weight loss coaching program(s) I plan on launching in the near future.

This is a risky move as Google has been tracking The Art of Weight Loss for sometime now, and I believe the great content I provide has been a huge part of the growth of this blog over the last 2 years by someone with very little blogging experience.

It is my hope that you really like the content on this blog that you will join me at my new home and share with your friends the new content I have planned for everyone.

Skill Based Fitness will be the showcase for the the systems and frameworks for coaching and training others in the fine artsof physical growth and maintenance that I have been developing for the last two years.

While it’s not done yet, I’m ready to share it with the masses and gradually start building the new Art of Weight Loss website.

In the months ahead at SBF will be organizing the content better, to make it more streamlined and accessible.

All of the content you see on the AofWL, particularly the great courses I spent a great deal of time building will be found on this new website too, specifically here.

I wanted to formally thank you for all the support you’ve provided this blog over the years and I look forward to sharing this new chapter with all of you over at the new site.

I also would like to thank you for your patience as I get the new site up and all the old content converted for the new site.

Some things may be more difficult to find, so I encourage you to please contact me if you need help with anything at any time.

As a final note, I will be redirecting this URL to a new address very soon and redoing the entire thing to accomodate my anticipated weight loss coaching program.

Thanks Again!

Weight Loss is More Than Just Science, It's An Art!