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Why Self-Labelling Keeps Weight On

I know you’ve done this before.

I’m pretty sure I’ve heard every single one of my family and friends label themselves before, I’ve been guilty of it time and time again.

I’ll say things like, “I’m built for explosive power and going fast, not long-distances,” to justify my disdain for distance running, road cycling or any form of continuous long slow distance aerobic work.

In my defence, I have still trained for and completed a 1/2 Marathon, several 5 and 10k races, 40 and 60k bike races and a sprint and olympic distance triathlon, though they were all in my late teens or early 20’s. I just didn’t really enjoy it, so don’t let me discourage you from doing what you enjoy. Continue reading Why Self-Labelling Keeps Weight On

12 Days (Dates) of Christmas

Photoshopped? Kinda, but the paper is real, I swear!

What have you done lately to strengthen your relationships?

This is something I’ve chatted a little less about, since I changed my blog over. That is, just how important relationships are in you finding success in anything, not just weight loss or fat loss. Just like anything else that we do in life, from going to the gym to eating or manipulating your environment, there are certain things you can do to strengthen your skills and bonds that can ultimately lead to more success in your pursuits.

Particularly in weight loss or fat loss endeavors, a social support network is critical, and if it’s the person you spend the most amount of time with that provides the most support, you may not even realize just how lucky you are. Even if you are lucky, you still have to spend time developing relationships like you would developing muscles. Continue reading 12 Days (Dates) of Christmas

Universal Truth

Isn’t he ridiculously-good looking?

I spent six, great hours, a few months ago, with 20 or so local musicians at a clinic that my good friend, and fellow coach, Michael Averill, put on in Vancouver.

20 aspiring and talented musicians looking for some inspiration on how they can hack the music scene in Vancouver, get more gigs, make better music that more people want to listen to, engage with their audience better on stage and be able to make a living playing music.

No small feat by the way…

I was eager to observe how others go about getting better at their craft. Continue reading Universal Truth

Why ‘Drill Sergeants’ Don’t Work

It comes up nearly every week, someone comes in to see me not particularly well rested, perhaps they had manipulated their typical approach to eating before exercising, or they just weren’t in a great state of mind to exercise at a high level of intensity.

Now for anyone used to having someone around to crack the whip, my approach will seem odd.

Most people, in their experiences with coaches or old teachers, think that someone should be around to tell them to focus, suck it up, get with the program or get to work.  Continue reading Why ‘Drill Sergeants’ Don’t Work