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Why You Shouldn’t Workout At Home

Seem Bleek? Hopeless? Intimidating?

All the time anyway…

Working out at home is more popular than ever.

Who can blame anybody?

It’s convenient; It’s often cheap; It’s less intimidating; It’s free of criticism or judgement of others; and nobody is watching…

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Eating Light This Holiday Season

Looks tasty doesn’t it?

I originally posted something like this back in 2010, but as it’s the holidays again, it serves as a great reminder for the upcoming overconsumption. Here are a few strategies to keep in mind over the next week as you feast on food and try to stay adherent to your weight-loss goals.

1) Set a Realistic Maintenance Objectives For The Holidays 

For most people, a weight or body composition maintenance objective over the holidays should be the focus. I’ve heard plenty of estimates over the years; people gain on average XX lbs over the holidays. You can insert your own number there, but I’ve read 4-10 lbs on average, depending on the study. Continue reading Eating Light This Holiday Season

Universal Truth

Isn’t he ridiculously-good looking?

I spent six, great hours, a few months ago, with 20 or so local musicians at a clinic that my good friend, and fellow coach, Michael Averill, put on in Vancouver.

20 aspiring and talented musicians looking for some inspiration on how they can hack the music scene in Vancouver, get more gigs, make better music that more people want to listen to, engage with their audience better on stage and be able to make a living playing music.

No small feat by the way…

I was eager to observe how others go about getting better at their craft. Continue reading Universal Truth

Six Things Holding You Back

I first stumbled across the work of Kerry Paterson, Joseph Grenny, David Maxfield and Ron McMillan a few years back in the book Crucial Conversations — a must read for any coaches out there.They have two other books worth reading as well, all on the concept of of change really.Their most recent effort called, ‘Change Anything,’ was an interesting and yet somewhat disappointing read.

Taken at face value some of the concepts tend to fall short, so look for my comments in italics.

The key outline from the book is the 6 things that could be holding you back: Continue reading Six Things Holding You Back

Why ‘Drill Sergeants’ Don’t Work

It comes up nearly every week, someone comes in to see me not particularly well rested, perhaps they had manipulated their typical approach to eating before exercising, or they just weren’t in a great state of mind to exercise at a high level of intensity.

Now for anyone used to having someone around to crack the whip, my approach will seem odd.

Most people, in their experiences with coaches or old teachers, think that someone should be around to tell them to focus, suck it up, get with the program or get to work.  Continue reading Why ‘Drill Sergeants’ Don’t Work