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Am I Genetically Doomed to Be Overweight?

S. aureus bacteria escaping destruction by human white blood cells.
CC Microbe World

I’ll cut straight to the chase.

I can’t prove, nor can I disprove this notion, and I don’t think science can either at this point but I can provide some really good insights for you.

1) We have yet to identify any ‘big’ or ‘small’ or ‘fat’ or ‘skinny’ gene or genes, or combination of genes.

2) But this doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist…

3) Even if they did, that’s not how Genes work within human physiology.

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Get Comfortable with Discomfort

Kid.DiscomfortThis post is inspired by a client, who will know who they are, but I also know they will prefer anonymity, so hence forth they will be known as ‘they.’

For years now, they’ve known and we’ve joked about their steady state of ‘complaining.’

Yep, it happens nearly every session —¬†unless there is a friend in sight during a ‘group’ session, then the rules change; funny how peer pressure works —¬†that they will resort to ‘whining‘ of some kind.

Just in case you were thinking, you were the only one who complained about workouts…

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Find the Bright Spots

Once in a Blue Moon
CC Kuzeytac

How do you make life-altering changes?

Let’s be serious for a moment, weight loss should be a life-altering change, and surely part of our problem with it is in our own short-term thinking.

Attack the problem with the end in site only a few months from now and surely you make relapse all the more likely.

When you accept change into a life-long process you’re far more likely to experience success with it.

Here is another simple psyche concept, you can comfortably use on your journey to the body you want, it’ll help you focus on the skill or skills you already possess that can get the ball rolling.

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You’re Not Lazy


January 1st is about the time of year that the motivational images start flooding the interwebz.

Your gym’s Facebook page lights up with motivational quotes, pictures of hot models doing strange yoga poses, or flexing their dehydrated muscles, and other such ‘motivational nonsense.’

Ya I said it: NONSENSE

First, most people confuse motivation with inspiration, and these images provide the latter.

Inspiration is temporary and rather superficial; it doesn’t last. So you have to ride that wave when you can.

Real motivation comes from within, it’s deep, lasts indefinitely and there isn’t a damn motivational image, quote, tweet or facebook post that will ever give it to you.

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2012 – The Art of Weight Loss


The Mayans were wrong, not that I ever expected them to be right.

Honestly, I’m a bit of a realist.

An overly optimistic realist, perhaps, but a realist.

I respect anybody who can tell me why they believe something, or why they are doing something, even if I disagree.

It’s the people who can’t form logical explanations that worry me…

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