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Kaizen Weight Loss

Or ‘how to Kaizen-the-shit-out-of excessive weight.’

Here is a simple concept, everyone should adopt when they are trying to lose weight.

How did Toyota over-take GM as the largest car manufacturer in the World?

One-Word: Kaizen

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Get Started

Fresh off the stuffed ‘Thanksgiving Weekend Feeling’ (Canadians anyway…), and looking to drop a few lbs before Christmas?

Felt frustrated recently with your fitness progress?

Confused about what diet or exercise program to start?

Doing your homework on getting fit and dropping a few pounds?

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Help! When Should I Train? (Part II)

21-06-10 Cause I'd Rather Pretend I'll Still Be There At The End ~ Explored #1
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Last Post, I went through two of four things to consider, in order to find the best time of day for your workouts.

It’s important to remember not to over-think this too much, especially at the expense of not exercising.

A fair chunk of this will be experimenting to find what works for you.

This is the individualization process, that a coach may be valuable in helping you discover.

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Help! When Should I Train? (Part I)

Pinhole: Clock
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One of the most frequent questions I’m asked?

“When is the best time to workout?”

The answer…

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Change, In a Nutshell

Weight loss is really a process of change.

Changing the way you currently eat to a way that suits your lifestyle and your desired appearance.

Changing the way you currently exercise to a way that suits your schedule and your optimal aesthetic.

Changing your lifestyle itself so as to suit the optimal occupation, the right social groups, a positive mindset and ideal behaviors.

Behaviors like cooking your own food, walking or riding to work, eating more veggies, or taking up a physical activity or a sport for fun. It could be learning new things like how to cook or how to ski, snowboard, skate or cycle.

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