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Is Conditioning A Sham?

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CC Norma Desmond

I received a question recently (who had directed me to this article in their question) about ‘conditioning.’

If you haven’t already you should read up on my Energy System Development articles and my Interval Training articles.

For the record I hadn’t read this particular article at the time I received this question, but I am very familiar with Mark Rippetoe’s work.

He is very well known in my field and has authored a couple of fantastic books including Starting Strength and Practical Programming (both with Lorie Kilgore and both of which I’ve read more than once — seriously they are good training books). Continue reading Is Conditioning A Sham?

How Do I Increase My Metabolism?

InsideOrgansIf a buzzword could finish second to ‘toned’ in the weight loss industry, ‘Metabolism’ would be right up there. ‘The Fast Metabolism Diet…’ ‘The Metabolism Boosting Diet…’ ‘The Metabolism Miracle…’ ‘Jillian Michaels: Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism…’

No that last one isn’t a joke, it actually exists… 

The thing is how do you know if your metabolism is slow?

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The Fifteen Physical Commandments

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a very long time, way back from when I wrote up our business manifesto in 2011.

Of course if you’re a regular at AofWL, then you kind of know the gist of what we’re aiming to educate on.

If you’re new though, then you may still be wondering what this site is all about (though not exactly written in stone…).

When I started writing this blog, obviously the main topic was/is weight loss, but I wanted to make sure I was giving practical advice for people who were frustrated by the empty promises of the majority of the fitness industry.

People who had unfortunately had their heads filled with a lot of non-sense.

Here are the basic principles by which I wanted to deliver you content:


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Should You Lift Weights To Failure?

[108/365] Ill-advised
CC Pascal
This post is inspired by an answer that got voted up a lot over on Quora.

The answer, like so many (Shocking right?) of mine over there is…

It Depends…

Let’s dive into this a little bit:

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Deliberate Practice

Don’t laugh, I’m secretly a shark.

Billiards seemed fitting for this article. I have a special bonus for AofWL readers today, I recorded an audio version of this post! Deliberate Practice Podcast I love the work of professor K.Anders Ericsson at the University of Florida, and you’ve seen his work quoted on AofWL before. You may have even read about him in best-selling books like Malcolm Gladwell‘s ‘Outliers.’ Continue reading Deliberate Practice