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Is Conditioning A Sham?

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CC Norma Desmond

I received a question recently (who had directed me to this article in their question) about ‘conditioning.’

If you haven’t already you should read up on my Energy System Development articles and my Interval Training articles.

For the record I hadn’t read this particular article at the time I received this question, but I am very familiar with Mark Rippetoe’s work.

He is very well known in my field and has authored a couple of fantastic books including¬†Starting Strength and Practical Programming (both with Lorie Kilgore and both of which I’ve read more than once — seriously they are good training books). Continue reading Is Conditioning A Sham?

Should I Use Heat or Cold For Injuries?

And I Thought Yesterday Was Hot!
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A friend posted something on Facebook from 180 Degree Health, which was cool, I got to take a look at some ‘interesting’ weight loss and metabolism theories, but it also took took me to¬†this post.

I got so caught up in a comment, I decided it would be best just to take the time to put a post on my own blog.

Most people are taught RICE or PRICE in first aid settings, this has become the norm.


Continue reading Should I Use Heat or Cold For Injuries?