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Help! How do I Organize a Workout?

The ‘Conjugate Method‘ or ‘Conjugate System’ was popularized by Louie Simmons at the famous Westside Barbell, perhaps the most elite powerlifting gym in the world, way back in the 70’s.

There are roughly three components to his system:

  1. Maximal Effort Day
  2. Dynamic Effort Day
  3. Repeated Effort (Day…?)

Not interested in Powerlifting?Don’t worry, that’s not what this story is really about…

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Neuromuscular Training Explained

The Coachella Valley (Nothing to do with NMSD)

I was at the Coachella Music Festival in California for the last 5 days, which meant not a lot of writing was done.

Last week though, I wrote this post, in an aim to simplify resistance training, weight training, strength training, whatever you want to call it.

I call it Neuromuscular System Development to encapsulate the many different forms of this type of training, including shock training (often called Plyometrics) which is a method of training utilized to increase velocity or speed of movement and can significantly aid in the development of strength, connective tissue development and bone density increases.

Here is a more in depth summary…

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Anytime Meal vs Post-Training Meal

Half Eaten, Anytime Meal – veggies, chicken, coconut milk and a light dusting of cheese

My clients may have heard me make reference to these two different things recently.

On the blog you may have heard me say something like, ‘carbohydrates, when you deserve them’ or ‘carbohydrates post-workout only.’

Sure these are rules of thumb I like to employ with my clientele and encourage you to eat like this on whole, but after fielding a couple of these questions recently, it’s time to elaborate.

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Help, I Still Get Tired During Workouts!

Why isn’t your conditioning improving?

At the beginning of this whole ‘weight loss’ experience, you were under the impression that you were working out to lose some weight and would feel more fit.

Well how come every time you get to the gym to set out on your interval trek, lift your weights, or go for your long runs, it still feels hard?

Isn’t it supposed to get easier at some point?

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