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Is Conditioning A Sham?

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CC Norma Desmond

I received a question recently (who had directed me to this article in their question) about ‘conditioning.’

If you haven’t already you should read up on my Energy System Development articles and my Interval Training articles.

For the record I hadn’t read this particular article at the time I received this question, but I am very familiar with Mark Rippetoe’s work.

He is very well known in my field and has authored a couple of fantastic books including Starting Strength and Practical Programming (both with Lorie Kilgore and both of which I’ve read more than once — seriously they are good training books). Continue reading Is Conditioning A Sham?

Should You Lift Weights To Failure?

[108/365] Ill-advised
CC Pascal
This post is inspired by an answer that got voted up a lot over on Quora.

The answer, like so many (Shocking right?) of mine over there is…

It Depends…

Let’s dive into this a little bit:

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Help! How do I Organize a Workout?

The ‘Conjugate Method‘ or ‘Conjugate System’ was popularized by Louie Simmons at the famous Westside Barbell, perhaps the most elite powerlifting gym in the world, way back in the 70’s.

There are roughly three components to his system:

  1. Maximal Effort Day
  2. Dynamic Effort Day
  3. Repeated Effort (Day…?)

Not interested in Powerlifting?Don’t worry, that’s not what this story is really about…

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Help! How Often Should I Train?

Camp Taji obstacle course

In continuing with my ‘Help!’ series (1,2,3), one other frequently fielded question I get is ‘how often’ or when in the week should I train?

Most people want me to write them out a detailed weekly calendar, explaining exactly what to do on each day.

In my experience though, this is the equivalent of catching a fish for someone, rather than teaching them how to fish.

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Neuromuscular Training Explained

The Coachella Valley (Nothing to do with NMSD)

I was at the Coachella Music Festival in California for the last 5 days, which meant not a lot of writing was done.

Last week though, I wrote this post, in an aim to simplify resistance training, weight training, strength training, whatever you want to call it.

I call it Neuromuscular System Development to encapsulate the many different forms of this type of training, including shock training (often called Plyometrics) which is a method of training utilized to increase velocity or speed of movement and can significantly aid in the development of strength, connective tissue development and bone density increases.

Here is a more in depth summary…

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