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All of them should have instructions attached on the first page and they should all be in PDF format (simply right click and ‘save link as’).

The Fifteen Physical Commandments

What do you need to be aware of in transformational change? Here are fifteen things you may have overlooked and need to review. More than likely you’ll find something here that is all the difference between success or not…


S.W.O.T. Tool

Sometimes you need to understand where you are now before you can grow. This is a tool I like to use with some clients as a form of self-discovery. S.W.O.T. is an acronym for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats.


Questions for Fat Loss

This is a little cheat sheet I use with some clients, it helps them focus on some of the key nutrition habits that I’ve used to help hundreds of people shed ‘lbs.’ Start with one, see where it gets you, chances are your results just might snowball.


Limiting Factor Commitment Chart

So much of what I do as a coach is hard to emulate without a mentor of some kind. This is my attempt at helping you identify your own limiting factors (i.e. the things that are holding you back) without having a mentor or coach, and then finding viable solutions for pushing through them that work.


Habit Commitment Chart

An extension of the Limiting Factor Chart, this one is pre-made, based on my recommendations and what I’ve found to hold most people back.


The Decision Making Tool

This tool will help you make better decisions about fitness, getting started, staying motivated and achieving your desired outcomes.

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