Eating For Weight Loss 101

Everywhere you go people are telling you, if you want to lose weight, you HAVE to eat this, you HAVE to eat that, you HAVE to eat like this.

High Protein Diets are the way to go!

No! Low Fat Diets are the way to go!

You’re both crazy! Eat Paleo! Eat Atkins! Eat South Beach! Eat Primal!

It’s all so confusing!

I feel your frustration, I coach people like you each and every day, and I love helping them discover the best way, for each and every one of them to eat for their personal objectives.

What if there was a way to truly discover how you should be eating, when you should be eating it, how often, where and what you should be eating?

There is! Let me explain…

The real diet you should be eating is entirely individual to you, it needs to be, because though similar, we still have different needs and the only way to discover what works for you and what doesn’t, is to apply principles of eating.

Well what does that mean?

It means that the easiest way way to lose weight and keep it off indefinitely is to change your patterns of eating by focusing on the creation of solid eating skills, habits and behaviors.

Rather than focusing counting your calories, a prescribed meal plan, daily macronutrient ratios, or which supplements to take, what I’m about to show you, reveals the underlying principles of an effective weight loss diet.

It’s actually a lot more simple than you may think.

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Introducing: The Agnostic Diet

The 6-Part Series of Eating For Weight Loss

The key to the agnostic diet is that it isn’t really a diet at all, it doesn’t buy into any of the various religious ‘diets,’ but rather it utilizes what we know about the commonalities of various ways of eating and helps you pull out what is useful for you, and ignore what would not be useful for you.

It’s a totally flexible method of eating that can be catered to any ethical, practical or specific issues of eating you may have.

Plant-Based eater? No problem…

Can’t eat gluten or yeast? No problem…

Can’t stomach dairy? No problem…

Everything you read in this 6-part blog series can be utilized with any form of eating to suit your specific needs, rather than following a ‘specific diet plan.’

It won’t tell you ‘what’ to eat, but it will show you ‘how’ to eat.

My aim, as always, is to make accessible, simplified, and practical action-steps, anybody can follow, drawing from a foundation of years worth of nutritional and psychological research.

When it’s all said in done, you’ll be able to utilize my experiences coaching others, to create a diet — one step at a time of course — that suits your needs and can help you lose weight, feel great and keep it all off.

Let’s get started:

  1. The 11 Eating Behaviors You Need to Know
  2. Eating for Fat Loss
  3. The Weekly Ritual (One simple strategy that makes a HUGE difference…)
  4. What To Stock Your Pantry With
  5. The Two Types of Meals You Need to Know
  6. Diet is an Iterative Process

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