Exercise For Weight Loss 101

Want to know the one exercise in the world, you’re not doing right now, that will make the biggest difference in your weight loss pursuits?

Been scouring the internet looking for the best workout program on earth?

Then you probably already know that it doesn’t exist…

…So what else can you do?

What exercise should you be doing? When? How often?

How can you optimize a workout program to cater specifically to your needs?

There is a saying in the fitness world, “The best program is the one you’re not on.

Well, it’s right, some of the time…

Most people spend more time flip-flopping between exercise programs, trying to find the best one, than they spend time actually getting the results they want.

That’s crazy talk, so if you want to learn how to optimize your workout program to suit your life in a cinch, read-on!

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Introducing: The 11-Part Series on Exercising for Weight Loss

Everything you read in this 10-part blog series is backed up by years of practical ‘in-the-trenches‘ experience, as well as count-less hours of physiological and psychological research.

We’ll try to keep the jargon to a minimum, teaching you what you need to know by simplifying as best we can, the complex machine, that is, ‘the human body.’

I also happen to use all of these tricks myself, and have coached hundreds of other people on how to make them work for them too.

The articles provide detailed examples, and give you action plans to build your own fitness program you can cater to your own needs.

Sound interesting?

Getting Started: How to Exercise the Right Way

  1. The Definition of ‘Exercise
  2. When to Train
  3. How Often to Train
  4. How to Organize a Workout
  5. Neuromuscular Training (Strength Training)
  6. Energy System Training and along the same lines…Interval Training 101 (Cardiovascular Training)
  7. The Basics of ‘Injury Prevention
  8. The Difference Between Women and Men
  9. Six Training Mistakes Preventing you from Losing More Weight
  10. Why You Need Skills (not Tools)
  11. Why ‘Mobility’ is Important (and doesn’t have to be boring…)

Want to Learn More About Exercise?

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