Fitness is a Learning Process

Make no mistake about it, weight loss is a process.

The people I see on a regular basis that I would classify as more fit than average, have all gotten themselves to a point where it’s automatic. They just do the things they need to do on a regular basis to be and stay fit.

In order to get to ‘automatic,’ you have to practice, deliberately practice the skills you’re going to need to lose weight and keep it off for good.

Rule #1 – Take an Active Interest

You can go to any trainer on earth and they can give you superficial motivation, we can push you to do the things you hate doing, we can give you ultimatums, we can play the role of military drill sergeant.

Or, a different kind of trainer can help you discover your own motivation, turn what you hate doing into something you enjoy and show you the most effective ways to stay fit — this is my preferred model.

You can go to any trainer for a hard workout or you can go to a great trainer for a learning experience.

Beware of any trainer who refuses to teach you how to do things on your own.

The worry for these trainers is that people won’t return as steady business but I’ve found the opposite to be true in my own practice. As the old saying goes:

‘Catch a fish for a man, he can eat for a day. Teach a man to fish, he can feed himself for a lifetime.’


Taking an active interest in your own health is perhaps the biggest first step towards creating desirable automatic behaviour.

In order to learn how to fish for yourself, you first need to want to learn how to fish. You need to pay attention to what is going on around you.

If you have that initial desire, there are plenty of people out there who can teach you how to fish in a variety of different waters and with a variety of different techniques. Coaches are always eager to work with people who have an interest in bettering themselves or they wouldn’t do what they do. If you take an active interest, you will find people that want to help you.

However, often no one can really learn how to fish overnight, though many of us expect to. We need to invest a certain amount of time working with a coach, practicing skills, changing habits, altering behaviors, or reading books, talking to others who have been successful, or perhaps even reading good blogs.

We need to gain some experience in fishing.

In the same way that no one learned math overnight at school, it’s a continual process of learning to get really good at anything.

We need to educate ourselves, with a critical thought process in mind.

Does this methodology fall in-line with my beliefs?

Can I live this way for an extended period of time?

Do I feel good or bad when following this methodology?

Can I sustain this intensity for the rest of my life?

Do I enjoy doing this, or can I see myself enjoying this?

Does this make me feel good about myself?

There are numerous other questions along the way, as there is often more than one path to success and each of them different to the individual. No two paths are the same.

If you are not first growing and learning about what being fit means to you, then you will probably struggle with illness, weight loss and weight gain.

You will probably reach out regularly for, ‘get fit quick schemes.’

It seems far easier to just do something for a short amount of time and then you can forget about it, but it will cause long-term agony. Short term thinking is a dangerous game, as it very rarely yields long-term results.

First, take an active interest, read a book, then find a couple of blogs, talk to a professional or a fit friend and start to figure out where you can fit your own healthy lifestyle in. Ignore too much information, adopt what you can relate to and discard what you can’t for now.

Weight loss is an artistic process, not a 6 week diet program.

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