No More, No Less

Let’s expunge this myth that more is better.

I see this every single day, the poor, misinformed, soccer mom plodding away on an elliptical or treadmill machine, completely oblivious to what her speed, pace, or even what the objective of the workout is.

The 35 year old male, who woke up one day and realized that their work to life balance is way out of whack. They are 40 lbs heavier than they were in College or University and they realize they now need to create a caloric deficit and jogging at a long slow boring pace for 90 minutes a few times a week seems to be the answer?

Or do they?

What’s better, practicing math deliberately by working on your weaknesses for thirty minutes every day, or doing 4 hour study session marathons periodically with little to no focus or intent?

The latter is really just going through the motions. If you go through the motions in anything in life you are always going to get a lackluster outcome.

The former is the habit or routine that will set you up for success, or what physicians often call the ‘Minimal Viable Dose.’

Instead focus on quality and consistently deliver it. Forget about quantity for the time being.

Focusing too much on quantity is one simple reason I believe many people are unsatisfied with their productivity and effectiveness at the gym. You need to have a plan at the gym in the same fashion you would have a plan at work.

You have budget/marketing/planning meetings that are an hour in length and X,Y and Z have to get discussed or dealt with in that hour. That’s productivity. That is what is going to get your results at the gym. It doesn’t have to be complicated.

If you are unhappy with the results you are getting at the gym, talk to a good professional, hire a coach, utilize a knowledgeable friend or use a mentor.

You are never going to outrun an awful diet or a bad training plan, by simply doing more.

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