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Tis the season…

No doubt life right now is full of holiday cheer.

I myself have been to half a dozen Christmas parties in the last week or two.

With all this celebrating, how can one really be expected to keep losing weight or even maintain their current weight?

Many of you have already thrown in the towel and decided you’ll ‘get started‘ in the New Year.

It’s a shame really, because it’s a lot easier than you’re making it out to be on yourself.

Last year I had this advice for you, this year I want to bring some focus back to a foundational strategy we have at AofWL.

Do One Thing At a Time


If you started a weight loss program that carried into the holiday season and find yourself wondering off course during the holidays, or worse, stressed out about all the bad food and lack of exercise you’ve been getting lately.

It’s time to real’er back in and get things under control, now, not 2 weeks from now.

I know the idea of this can be daunting, but worrying about tomorrow, next month, or next year will be far more distracting.

Get focused on today.

For instance, which of the following statements make you most anxious?

  • Following your Paleo/South Beach/Zone/etc… diet to a tee over the holidays?
  • Cleaning the entire house for a white glove inspection?
  • Exercising 6x a week, 90 minutes a day?
  • Never consuming alcohol again?
  • Never having another dessert ever?
  • Never missing a workout?

What about if you reframe them to something more like this:

  • Focusing on eating an extra serving of veggies with your next meal?
  • Focusing on adding lean protein to your next meal?
  • Cleaning the kitchen today?
  • Focusing on drinking non-caloric beverages today?
  • Going for a walk, getting to the gym for 20 minutes or going for a quick run today?
  • Eating a high protein dessert substitute with dinner?
  • Drinking 2L of water today?

I’m guessing that the items in the second list seem far less daunting and they are.

Remember the snowball effect

I get it, we all love the idea of accomplishing these monstrous tasks — yep, even me…

We’ll all feel uber productive completing some fully entrenched objective over a large period of time.

What were you doing last January 20th?

Living up to your New Years resolution?

Again, for many of you, if you struggle with weight loss you probably teetered off after a few weeks because you’re focus was off on the future, on some big auspicious goal.

Reign it in this holiday season.

I got out of a good habit of sitting down daily for an hour to write every day, something I’m going to auto-correct this holiday season.

Instead of ‘I need to pump out xx articles this month’ I’ve dialed it back to ‘I just need to write every day.’

You can do the same this holiday season.

Don’t worry about how many pounds you might gain over the holidays, find the limiting factor for you, the one that helped you shed the most weight, and re-visit it.

Maybe you feel like you drink too much over the holidays, maybe it’s too much eating out, or holiday treats.

How can you reign that ONE THING in for the next couple of weeks?

That’s what you should focus on, because you have direct control over it.

You don’t climb a mountain without a lots of steps up.

You don’t raise great kids without a lot of little experiences accumulated over their childhood.

You don’t save for retirement without a lot of little deposits accrued over a long time.

And you won’t stay thin or get thing without focusing on the one most impactful thing you can focus on right now.

One last piece of advice…

Everybody makes the critical mistake of focusing on what they shouldn’t be eating this holiday season.

Bad move.

Focusing on what you shouldn’t be eating, means you’re not focusing on what you should be eating.

Focus on the good stuff you should be doing, it will naturally off-set the bad stuff you know you’re doing.

If you have to drink non-caloric beverages, they’ll be no room for alcohol or sugary drinks.

If you have to eat lean protein with every meal, pasta at a restaurant will probably be off the menu for you anyway.

If you have to eat 2 fists of veggies with your next meal, then the deep-fried X option suddenly won’t even be appealing.

Focusing on a positive improvement rather than ‘stopping’ a negative one, and you’ll likely find more success.

Got a tip, or story about holiday eating and exercising, leave it in the comments, and have a Merry Christmas.

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