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One Thing at a Time

Guirlanda em tecido...
CC Vanessa Maurer


Tis the season…

No doubt life right now is full of holiday cheer.

I myself have been to half a dozen Christmas parties in the last week or two.

With all this celebrating, how can one really be expected to keep losing weight or even maintain their current weight?

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Mindset – Training vs Trusting

The human mind is complex.

To a point where we still don’t fully understand everything about it.

What we do know is that unlike many of our other animal friends, the human brain, has a cerebral cortex, which allows us to have conscious thought.

That’s right, we are, ‘self-aware.’

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Mindset: Fixed vs Growth

Right now I’m re-reading an excellent book on psychology.

It’s probably one of my favourite books in this realm, and as I’m all about developing a fitness or weight loss mindset, you should all know the gist of it and how it can help you uncover or unlock a whole new mind for weight loss.

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Is an exhaustible resource.

Self-control is finite.

The act of self-control is like pumping out reps on any exercise, sooner or later you can’t do any more.

Those of you relying on willpower or self-control, or some other sort of self-discipline are in for a treat, especially if you’re wondered why it let you down in your weight loss pursuits.

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Change, In a Nutshell

Weight loss is really a process of change.

Changing the way you currently eat to a way that suits your lifestyle and your desired appearance.

Changing the way you currently exercise to a way that suits your schedule and your optimal aesthetic.

Changing your lifestyle itself so as to suit the optimal occupation, the right social groups, a positive mindset and ideal behaviors.

Behaviors like cooking your own food, walking or riding to work, eating more veggies, or taking up a physical activity or a sport for fun. It could be learning new things like how to cook or how to ski, snowboard, skate or cycle.

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