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Energy System Development

A Brand New Day
CC Photo Credit: Thomas Hawk

As far as I know, Energy System Development is a term coined by Mark Verstegen, Founder of Athlete’s Performance.

Mark’s a smart dude, but also the term obviously describes the intent, much the same way Neuromuscular System Development encapsulates training for the nervous systems and muscular systems.

Most people only know about ‘Aerobics,’ or ‘Aerobic Training,’ or what I often hear people talk about in terms of ‘cardio,‘ and maybe a few refer to as ‘conditioning.’

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Help, I Still Get Tired During Workouts!

Why isn’t your conditioning improving?

At the beginning of this whole ‘weight loss’ experience, you were under the impression that you were working out to lose some weight and would feel more fit.

Well how come every time you get to the gym to set out on your interval trek, lift your weights, or go for your long runs, it still feels hard?

Isn’t it supposed to get easier at some point?

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