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Why ‘Praise’ Prevents You From Losing Weight

o praise him
CC J. M. Richards

“My little girl gets A’s without even studying. She’s a genius.”

“Look at that athleticism. Mark, you know you could be the next <insert star athlete here>.”

“Wow, you did that so quickly and so fast on your own. You’re so smart Suzzy!”

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Kaizen Weight Loss

Or ‘how to Kaizen-the-shit-out-of excessive weight.’

Here is a simple concept, everyone should adopt when they are trying to lose weight.

How did Toyota over-take GM as the largest car manufacturer in the World?

One-Word: Kaizen

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Introducing Eating for Weight Loss

As promised I’m still working on what I think are some pretty great resources for all of you.

So some of you may have seen this nice little addition, sneak into the resource page.

About a week and a half ago I put together a Weight Loss Psychology Course for everybody.

Thank you everybody for your feedback, I appreciate it, it allowed me to include things that I forgot to initially include.

This week I put together a free resource course outlining some of the critical eating and nutrition considerations you should be making the process of weight loss.

Believe me, following the ‘one thing at a time‘ principle and applying that to this course can make a HUGE difference in your weight loss pursuits and the best part is that it’s relatively simple (though not necessarily ‘easy’).

As always if there is something you liked from the blog, or something you’d like to add, questions you might have, I’d appreciate your feed back.

Please check out the course, and share it around with anybody you know who might benefit from some practical eating strategies.

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Help! How Often Should I Train?

Camp Taji obstacle course

In continuing with my ‘Help!’ series (1,2,3), one other frequently fielded question I get is ‘how often’ or when in the week should I train?

Most people want me to write them out a detailed weekly calendar, explaining exactly what to do on each day.

In my experience though, this is the equivalent of catching a fish for someone, rather than teaching them how to fish.

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Master Fitness (3 Things)

(Estimated read time 4 minutes)

In 1990, Mihaly Csikszentimihalyi (that’s a mouthful, I know; pronounced CHEEK-SENT-ME-HY-EE) published a book entitled, “Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience.”

Dr. Csikszentimihalyi, a positive psychology researcher, had been working on the concept of “flow” for many years, dating back to the 1970’s.

Now flow is not necessarily a new concept, it is referenced in ‘Jeet Kune Do,’ — for all of you Bruce Lee fans out there — and if we looked back even further through a history of Buddhism and martial arts I’m sure we could find numerous other references to the term or concept.

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