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Interval Training (Part 3)

Cyclist in Morning Mist

As the last installment, this final interval post covers every interval not time based.

If you need help getting started, wonder about the science behind interval training, or are wondering what the heck HITT is, check out Part 1.

If you were looking for 9 awesome time based protocols, you’ll have to see Part 2.

This is everything else.

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Interval Training (Part 1)

An belt/wrist held interval sports/training ti...

Interval Training was the buzz word for the last few years.

I’m happy to say that the buzz and foreign association people used to have with it is gone, and it’s become a staple in the fitness world.


Because it works!

Want to learn all the stuff you won’t find on Wikipedia?…

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Stop Worrying About Your Heart Rate

June 27th 2008 - My Heart Beats for Her
CC Stephen Poff


Learning everything there is to know about heart rate training, was a fundamental component to my education.

The idea I suppose was to learn various ways of measuring max heart rate, and consequently heart rate zones (there are 5 if anyone is curious) for training load when working with clients.

When did weight loss or fat loss become a competitive cardiovascular/aerobic sport?

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