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Neuromuscular Training Explained

The Coachella Valley (Nothing to do with NMSD)

I was at the Coachella Music Festival in California for the last 5 days, which meant not a lot of writing was done.

Last week though, I wrote this post, in an aim to simplify resistance training, weight training, strength training, whatever you want to call it.

I call it Neuromuscular System Development to encapsulate the many different forms of this type of training, including shock training (often called Plyometrics) which is a method of training utilized to increase velocity or speed of movement and can significantly aid in the development of strength, connective tissue development and bone density increases.

Here is a more in depth summary…

Continue reading Neuromuscular Training Explained

Women vs Men – How Do I Train Them?

Did you get your tickets to the gun show?

I’m going to level with you, and women please don’t gasp when I say this.

Honestly, I don’t train women that much differently from men. However, there are a few things worth considering that you should take into account that are just physiological differences between men and women and that influences training.  Continue reading Women vs Men – How Do I Train Them?

Struggling with a New Years Resolution?

See that sunshine beacon of hope? That’s what this exercise will do for you!

In my coaching practice, this is not uncommon, so let me shed some light on the process of planning for the new year, or what everybody else calls, ‘New Years Resolutions.”

To start, the biggest thing people lack when it comes to a New Years Resolution is clarity.

Clarity is not, “I will lose 40 lbs this year.”

Clarity is, “I will workout 3x per week,” and then proceeding to schedule it into your daily planner, or finding a partner in crime and planning your days with that person. Continue reading Struggling with a New Years Resolution?

Do You Have an Outlet?

Granted I’m a bit of a fitness geek, but I can’t help thinking about fitness all day, every day. There are so many universal concepts that I read, listen to from others, witness, view or experience in a variety of ways that always seem to lead me back to fitness. Continue reading Do You Have an Outlet?

28 Years, 28 Fitness Tips (Short-Version)

This is the short-form, no explanation of the 28 Years, 28 Fitness Tips article I wrote yesterday. If you want more detail, read the long version.

1) Start with Why.

2) Achieving the right mindset is more important than the exercise or nutrition regime you choose to utilize.

3) Having purpose is far more effective than setting “Goals.”

4) Understand where you’re coming from.

5) Get started, taking action is more than half the battle.

6) Address Limiting Factors One at a Time 

7) Once you’ve started that one thing, aim to achieve consistency with your new habit, behavior, or skill.

8) The journey is more important than the destination.

9) You need to commit to a process/plan/program.

10) That process/plan/program needs to last for at least 3 months in time.

11) Relate, Repeat, Re-frame

12) Emphasize Little Wins

13) Encouragement from others and developing internal motivation is far more important than external rewards for the little wins.

14) Eat Whole Food.

15) Cook most of your own food.

16) Healthy Food Consumption is Largely Based on Dosage and Variety.

17) Healthy Food Consumption is also largely based on ‘Nutrient Timing.’

18) The optimal diet for every person is remarkably different. 

19) Supplements are just that, in place to supplement what should already be a healthy diet.

20) You Can’t Outrun your Diet

21) Resistance Train

22) Train Compound Movements, follow up with accessory movements as needed.

23) Train Explosive/Reactive Power

24) Think of ‘Cardio’ as ‘ESD’ instead.

25) Address your mobility (not just your flexibility)

25) The K.I.S.S. Principle

27) Stick to stuff you enjoy, or view as fun. 

28) Work + Rest = Success