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28 Years, 28 Fitness Tips

I don’t feel any older, but I’ve been looking forward to publishing this post for months now. After 28 years on this earth (it was my birthday this past week) these are the 28 things that I view as being the most important things I’ve learned about fitness in my 6 years of coaching.

It’s long, I highly recommend you read the little blurb I’ve written about each tip, but if you want the Cole’s Notes Version, go here.

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Start With Why

“Begin with the end in mind” ~ Stephen Covey, from the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

Taken at face value, and given the popularity of that book, it’s no wonder we sit atop a goal setting culture that is constantly thinking about the result or the outcome and never on where we are and what we are doing in the moment.

Is it really the place you should start though?

I’m going to say no, and propose that Mr. Covey (though I know it was intended to mean something similar) strongly consider change his wording to be more like Simon Sinek’s approach: Start with Why

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The Purpose of Fitness and Nutrition

Alright, i know that most people want to use fitness and nutrition to look good. In fact I wrote a post about that not too long ago, here.

Beyond trying to look like Brad Pitt in Fight Club or Megan Fox in Transformers, fitness and nutrition provides numerous benefits above and beyond good looks.

Most people know that eating well and being active is good for them, but may not fully understand the purpose, well no more. L

et’s get it all out on the table and discuss some deeper more meaningful ways to make fitness and nutrition impactful. In writing something like this, I hope you’ll find a spark of some kind that resonates with you, something you can associate personal meaning towards.

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Find Purpose

(estimated read time: 5 minutes for the whole thing, stop once you are confident enough to write a purpose statement though)

What is the meaning of life, if not the most unanswerable of unanswerable questions? When faced with our own mortality, we humans, often grasp to the notion that our life had to offer some meaning, right?

One certainty in life, is that you will die — and you will pay taxes! — but how you go about living, may offer some clues as to what meaning you take out of it.

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