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Tim Ferriss’ DiSSS Method for Weight Loss

220px-Timothy_Ferriss Timothy Ferriss has a history of doing the least amount possible for the biggest possible outcomes.

He’s the best-selling author of three books that attack an underlying principle he’s termed ‘Minimum Effective Dose’ (MED – A term he’s slightly altered and borrowed from the pharmaceutical industry), or the minimum you can do in order to get the result you’re looking for.

The ultimate learning hacker, his first book was a productivity hack book (The 4-Hour Workweek), followed by an even more popular fitness and health body hack book (The 4-Hour Body).

*That last book borrows heavily from a lot of the fitness and health professionals I mention on my resource page.

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Diet is an Iterative Process

The Elusive Strawberry Banana
CC D. Sharon Pruitt

Ever feel like eating these days is a lot like balancing some strawberries on a banana?

You probably wish, as I do, that ‘diet‘ was a simple matter of being told exactly what to eat, and then you just eat it, and get the results you’re looking for right?

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Change, In a Nutshell

Weight loss is really a process of change.

Changing the way you currently eat to a way that suits your lifestyle and your desired appearance.

Changing the way you currently exercise to a way that suits your schedule and your optimal aesthetic.

Changing your lifestyle itself so as to suit the optimal occupation, the right social groups, a positive mindset and ideal behaviors.

Behaviors like cooking your own food, walking or riding to work, eating more veggies, or taking up a physical activity or a sport for fun. It could be learning new things like how to cook or how to ski, snowboard, skate or cycle.

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Why ‘Drill Sergeants’ Don’t Work

It comes up nearly every week, someone comes in to see me not particularly well rested, perhaps they had manipulated their typical approach to eating before exercising, or they just weren’t in a great state of mind to exercise at a high level of intensity.

Now for anyone used to having someone around to crack the whip, my approach will seem odd.

Most people, in their experiences with coaches or old teachers, think that someone should be around to tell them to focus, suck it up, get with the program or get to work.  Continue reading Why ‘Drill Sergeants’ Don’t Work

Live Better, Live Longer

The concept of wellness has allowed me to focus on a more holistic approach to health and fitness.

I’ve found that since I switched to paying attention more to the overall needs of an individual, it has helped me deliver a higher quality service to them.

Well it turns out that other fields (economics) are diving into a wellness revolution too.

There seems to be more and more effort in establishing just how interconnected health and fitness really are with other aspects of your life.

Anthropology may also help us further understand longevity and how it may relate to quality of life. Continue reading Live Better, Live Longer