[quote picture=”” name=”Vera Aldridge” align=”right”]It is with enthusiasm that I recommend Darren Beattie. I hope that my perspective will help you understand why I think so highly of him. Darren is a performance coach. I am not a performance athlete; a fact that made no difference to him. I was hit by a car while cycling the seawall in May of 2007. A mutual and very thoughtful friend, gave me the remarkable gift of an assessment with Darren.My session was to be two hours long. In reality, Darren invested twice that amount of time in me just so that he could carefully assess my injuries, my physical strengths and my weaknesses.Darren became my friend. I credit him with putting me on the path to recovery. I know of Darren’s vast and varied interests in programs related to leadership, management development and technology.Colleagues and friends alike have the greatest admiration for his work and comment regularly on his thirst for knowledge.Darren’s holistic approach, coupled with his knowledge and expertise, make him a tremendous asset. I urge you to consider him if you are looking to change your state of fitness for the better.[/quote]

[quote picture=”” name=”Mark Rankin, Crown Attorney” align=”right”]Since 2007, it has been my privilege to train with Darren. I know him very well and I can tell you a lot about him, but unfortunately this is to be a brief testimonial, so here are just some of his qualities: professional, erudite, kind, committed and compassionate.Darren is truly multifaceted, having an astonishing range and commanding understanding of so many varied topics of interest. His passion is to enhance the quality of his clients’ well-being.By distilling the varied elements of what true “wellness” is all about, Darren provides a holistic approach to achieve maximum benefits for his clients. For whatever reasons we have to put effort into something, we want to achieve effective and meaningful results.Darren provides the tools, knowledge-base and guidance needed to strive for success. My name is Mark Rankin – and my life is better having Darren in it.[/quote]

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