The PIESSEO Theory Explained

Perfectly Balanced (Which is pretty much impossible…)

This is you.

The black circle in the middle represents ideal balance between these various qualities in your life.

I’m not the first to propose such a model, though my seven dimensions are a little bit more in depth than the 4 often recommended by others (physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual – seem to be most common).

There is nothing wrong with their models, I’ve just observed how intricate environmental, social and occupational influences tend to be in my own coaching practice.

It is almost more often that these factors are the biggest contributing factors to weight gain, or frustration with weight loss attempts.

What happens is, at various points in our life, this black dot changes its position within the larger circle, it also gets bigger or smaller. So we can observe something like this:

A Person presently balanced in the Social Sphere
This one indicates someone presently living life on a far more social level than they would other wise be.
The funny thing about this is that it could be moment specific, it could be hourly or daily, and in kind of the worst case scenario, you find yourself in this rut for months, maybe years.
Getting stuck in a rut for years is what most often contributes to weight gain.
The point of this is to offer an image up, that relates to the fact, that whenever we put a lot of our energy into one realm of our life — the model doesn’t really matter — we sacrifice something elsewhere.
Economists refer to this as ‘Opportunity Cost,’ basically devoting your attention heavily to one thing, means missing out on another.
Beyond the economic scope, no one ever really lives completely in balance, but we’re all sort of trying to average out our experiences, to be balanced, or at least we should be, when we don’t, something has to suffer.So life is really this constant struggle to find balance, on an hourly, daily, and weekly basis or more. The tough part is to identify when you’ve been living life with a bias for too long, tuned to one specific frequency.

Being in Spain recently, the second image was my representation of my observations of how most of their culture is. There is nothing inherently wrong with this, I’m sure if you looked at other cultures, you would find similar patterns.

The Japanese, for instance, probably favour heavily into the intellectual or occupational realm depending on the age of the person.

I believe that a great deal of life should be spent finding balance.

The most successful people I know seem to have found ways to balance these realms in a way that plays to their strengths and mask their weaknesses.

We all have moments where we focus more on career, we go to school for a while, other times we may realize the importance of family or friends, hopefully all not at the expense of our physical health.

Sadly though, this is often what I see. People often spend too much time in one dimension and ignore their physical health.

Self-awareness is primal component of our subconscious that makes us unique in the animal kingdom, so don’t forget to utilize it and check in with yourself from time to time to see how you’re doing in all 7 realms.

If you’re struggling with weight-loss right now, I would bet that an analysis of these 7 realms of well-being would reveal the limiting factor you really need to change to achieve massive long-term results.

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