Weight Loss Psychology 101

Weight Loss is Big Business.

It hit $60.9 billion in the U.S. alone for 2010, despite a lousy economy.

It capitalizes on yo-yo dieting, and squeezes a ton of profit out of your every fear.

Obviously at Fettle, and consequently this blog, we think differently, that business revenue and weight loss success can and should co-exist.

But what do smart weight loss programs look like?

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Why You Need to Change Your Current Mindset

I hope you’re here because of the frustrations you’ve had with any and all other weight loss options out there.

They either work for a short amount of time, or they don’t work at all.

Most get you to overhaul your diet and completely rework your exercise regime in one fowl swoop.

But what about your mind?

What do they do to prepare you for the change your about to accomplish?

NO diet or exercise plan on the market, fully prepares you to deal with the emotional and psychological stress of losing weight.

If you want to lose weight, and keep it off permanently, you NEED a to change the way you think about fitness and nutrition.

When’s the best time to get started?

Right now. Don’t wait for me to “bribe” you with promises of six-pack abs.

Don’t wait for things to look perfect. Start building the body you want today.

How to Develop the ‘Right’ Weight Loss Mindset

Start off the right way, knowing where your mindset is right now…

Why changing one thing at a time, and one thing at a time only, is critical…

(Hint: Change one thing at a time and one thing only…)

How to focus on what matters and ignore the set-back of ‘perfection…’

(Hint: Focus on establishing high levels of consistency, not perfection.)

Three things that help develop a constant flux of motivation…

  1. Develop Fitness Autonomy
  2. Master Fitness
  3. Find Purpose

Bonus: Start with Purpose (why you’re losing weight is more important than what or how…)

Five Mindset Tricks For Mastering Your Fitness Domain…

Why, What and How You Should Measure Progress…

Why You Can’t Rely on Willpower or Self-Control…

Tired of Setting Goals and Never Achieving Them?..?..

What You Have to Go Through For Long-Term Success…

Want to Learn More About Mindset & Weight Loss?

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